Food at Bangkok International Airport

The other day I was on assignment to Thailand. I had a couple of hours spare as I needed to wait for my colleague and writer to arrive from Germany. A local friend suggested that I have a meal at the Magic Food Point located in the basement of the Arrival Terminal. It isn´t actually a restaurant or cafe, but the canteen for the Airport staff, where passengers are welcomed. As there are hundreds of staff running around at the International Airport, the food at the canteen is always fresh and there are a wide range of dishes to choose from. And the best part: it is CHEAP. Name me another International Airport where it is possible to have warm meal for US$1 (with a drink included)!

So, to anyone who heads through Bangkok: I recommend you try the Magic Food Point.

As I had some more hours to kill, I also decided to have my hair cut. I can´t recommend doing that: I have curly hair and the thai hairdresser just didn´t know what to do with it.

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