Alps Know how! - 3. Alpine Report

For more than half a century the “Commission Internationale pour la Protection des Alpes” (CIPRA) has been working in support of sustainable development in the Alps. This commitment is worthwhile: the Alpine arc, which is 1100 kilometres long and passes through eight different countries, is home to about 13 million people. It is in this diverse living space that CIPRA is active, searching for ways and means to reconcile the calls of the natural environment, the business community and social issues. CIPRA is a modern multilingual information platform for the expert and non-expert alike, both in and outside of the Alps. With its alpMedia Newsletter, CIPRA communicates news, publications and events from and for all the countries of the Alps. In addition CIPRA publishes in-depth information in its “Alpine Reports”, information bulletins, numerous dossiers and much else besides. Most publications are available in four languages, namely French, German, Italian and Slovene, and some are also in English.