Lingang New City

Lingang New City, recently re-named to Nanhui New City is about 1 hour drive away from Shanghai and can be described as the manifestation of the explosion in population in China’s East. Within two decades there will be build a complete city big enough to house about 1.000.000 people.

The concept adopts the ideals of the traditional European city, combining them with a revo-lutionary idea: A circular lake with a 2.5 km diameter forms the core. The image of concentric waves, produced by a drop hitting the water surface, is the principle metaphoric image of the overall city structure. The use structure is divided into radial rings from the inside to the outside: promenade, business district with high density, 500 meter wide ring-shaped city park, block-like residential districts for 13,000 people each situated along radial roads accord-ing to the principle of a compass card. Wedges of landscape reach into the city as far as the second ring. Watercourses and small lakes penetrate all districts.

While most of the city’s infrastructure and housing is already build so far there are only 45.000 people living in the city.